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HTC official ETA for Android 2.2 for HTC Desire, Legend and Wildfire

HTC Family 2010 Whilst Google Nexus one owners have been celebrating the release of Android 2.2 to their handsets and all the goodness that it brings other handset owners have been asking me when they can join the party.

I am excited to say we have received official confirmation that HTC will be rolling out Android 2.2 updates to its HTC Desire, HTC Legend and HTC Wildfire handsets by end of Q3 2010.  Here’s the official statement below:

We are working hard with our partners to update the HTC Sense experience on Froyo and distribute it to our customers as fast as possible. We expect to release updates for several of our 2010 models including Desire, Legend and Wildfire beginning in Q3.

If all goes to plan by September (if there are no slippages) hopefully all the above handsets will be rocking the Android 2.2 and any new “HTC sense” ( HTC’s own customized User interface in Android) updates that they will be able to push through.  (hopefully this will include the awesome Application recommendation app that is included with the HTC Wildfire)

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  1. Well if the update is due by Q3 2010, then they had better hurry up and get it out as Q3 ends tomorrow!!!

    • Erm, did I miss a quarter, then?

      There’s no clue as to when the roll-out might end, though. Still, gift horses and all that.

      • Quarter 3 means it could be as early as next week or as late as September. Bearing in mind no date is fixed until its out the door. (As some htc hero fans realise)
        Would rather err on side of caution.

      • When talking about Quarters then it’s the US Fiscal Year, these are the dates this year, apparently:

        1st Quarter: October 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009
        2nd Quarter: January 1, 2010 – March 31, 2010
        3rd Quarter: April 1, 2010 – June 30, 2010
        4th Quarter: July 1, 2010 – September 30, 2010

        • how do you count ??

          quarters are normally within 1 year of the calender, not when you think you must start with counting….

        • in Europe and asia a lot of companies use quarters. Q4 is christmas, etc.
          I also see a lot of games companies use the same system for announcing release of games. I think fiscal quarters are only really for financial related things.

          Anyway we digress.

    • I don’t this thats quite right. Quarter 3 starts tomorrow!

    • Tomorrow end of q3?? 3 x 3 = 9 … What is the 9th month of the year? End of Sept is the end of q3… Der

  2. So are the claims that it will make the phones FIVE times faster accurate? What are the Nexus One owners experiences?

    • The simple answer is sometimes. Some apps and the general running of the handset is definitely a lot snappier expecially when put side to side against an un-updated phone. Games also run much smoother and faster.

      Expect a bit more ferrari and little less rocket ship. ( I am hoping that the rocketship is coming in the gingerbread release!)

  3. Ridiculous this is taking so long. It’s already been a month since nexus got it.
    It’s essentially the same hardware as the desire, why so long to put there sense stuff on top?
    Poor show HTC, sort it out.

  4. Personally, i’d be happy enough to use plain old FroYo until HTC can release a Sense update. Think I might be alone in that though.

  5. I think this highlights an important issue. Phone manufacturers (likes of HTC) and the OS developers (likes of Google) need to be working a lot closer. Rather that HTC getting Froyo as late as – well that of the general public – they should be given this a lot earlier so that Google can hit the masses with the help of their allies (like of HTC).

  6. I bought the Desire purley because it was on the update list. I love boycotting apple and not being an Ichav. Im writing this on the desire now! And, apart from not being able to install apps to memory card, the phone is still already awsome. I was going to buy a htc Evo from the US thow. Updates will come, we just need to be patient. At least its been confirmed one is coming.

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