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Google Nexus One Deskstand and Car Dock Reviewed

Google made headlines with is Nexus One, however its really the accessories that bring it to the next level. desk_nexus After opening the Google style boxes its clear that the build quality of the products is as high as the boxes they are delivered in.  The Desktop and Car dock are both amazing items and firmly take your nexus and puts it up high where it can be shown and used. 

Desktop Dock

This dock is elegantly designed and really suits my desk very well.  But the dock is more than just good looking, the features that make it really compelling is its functionality which make me think that someone over at Google actually gave some thought to usability when designing the phone.  Firstly it charges the phone using the pins on the bottom of the phone, this eliminates the issue of finding the right cable to charge the phone and then forcing it into the micro usb port.  When it comes to using the phone, it can be picked up without the dock still been attached to it really easily.

The coolest feature of the product is that the phone knows when its docked  and automatically switches to clock mode.  “Clock mode” is an app that comes built in with the Google Nexus One  with which gives you quick access to your alarm and has a photo frame mode and can pump out you favourite tunes while charging,

Car Dock

If like me you are not chained to a desk the whole time, then the car dock is a life saver.  car_nexus

Like the Desktop dock, Nexus one Car Dock has a superb build quality.  It feels really solid and is by far the best car dock I have ever bought.  Like its Desktop companion, the  device is charged using the pins on the bottom, this removes the need to firstly plug the micro usb.  A clever touch is that it removes the need for that untidy wire dangling from your windscreen by allowing you to run the cabling neatly around the edges of the dashboard.

When docked, the phone automatically switches to navigator mode as soon as it is seated in the dock and uses the loud speaker on the back to shout out the turn by turn instructions. It took me quite a a while to realise there is a volume control on top.

The dock comes equipped with its own cable that you should.  The dock requires a 2 amp connection so the average cigarette  usb charger won’t have enough juice to use the dock to it full potential.

The dock really comes into its own when using the Google Maps Sat navigation.  The turn by turn navigation works a treat, but you will need asbestos gloves to handle the phone when you remove it from the dock.  It gets very hot! I think the 3G radio, GPS and CPU really heat up the device over long use.   I paralleled the test using my Acer liquid and it also got really hot so it might require further investigation to it’s cause.

Where to get them

At the moment they are not being stocked by Vodafone, although I hope this will change soon.

The desktop dock(link here) and Car dock (link here)is currently available from Expansys

Here are some pictures of the items below without the phones.

desk_dock car_doc


  1. Does the car dock have a jack for sending stereo audio to your car sound system, or can it only use its internal speaker?

  2. I’ve been using my car dock for several months and I absolutely love it….until yesterday when I got the froyo update and now it doesn’t work. It turns the bluetooth on when you plug the N1 into the dock, but calls will not use it so you have to pull it out to make/receive calls (how lame is that). Also, the navigation works great but voice search and other bluetooth dependent items no longer function.

    I’ll testify to the heat issue that is mentioned in this article. There are times when I fear it will burst into flames it gets so hot. I initially thought it was from the sun, but later realized that it’s the dock itself that causes the N1 to get incredibly hot.

    No audio jack in the dock, but you can continue to use the audio jack on the phone itself.

    • Froyo changed the bluetooth exchange profiles Han e the Need to re-pair the device
      1. You need to delete the Bluetooth pairing by going to
      Settings..Wireless and networks…Bluetooth settings .
      2. Clcik and hold on device to unpaid
      3. Restart the phone
      4. Re-pair the phone as normal
      5. Restart the phone an all shouald be working

      Normally you don’t need to restart the phone when pairing however the first pairing after updating to froyo seems to need this.

  3. This car dock works perfectly, it does what it says on the tin!

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