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Over the Air – Iphone controlled flying drone with Video

Its the final day at Overtheair 2010 and its really packed out.  This is the third year that this event has been run and with  companies like Paypal, Motorola, Telefonica and Sony Ericson on board it has been a great weekend.   The showcase piece of the 2 days is the 24 hour hackathon where developers who have been inspired by the talks have a chance to go make something great.

Its not uncommon for some developers to spend the night here creating their masterpieces of hackiness.  Arriving this morning, it was clear from the aftermath of the empty coke cans and chocolate bars wrappers, something  great had been created.   After a superb set off of the day from Nokia Ovi, it set us up for an inspirational talk by the famed internet inventor, Tim Berners Lee.

The morning session, were made up of some really great talks including web fonts talk and a great talk by Little Fluffy Toys showcasing how they built their top LondonCycle hire widget. P1080564

When it came to live demos there was a huge variety of apps showcasing such things as:

The Cleaner android app which is one of my favourites, letting you hide all your icons and showcase your android desktop wallpaper- A must have for any android fan. The app has already been on the market for a few hours and has managed to get over 400 downloads so far.

Other apps covered a multitude of things from texting remember the milk with items to add to your to do list,  to an app that lets you monitor twitter for good and bad interesting things in real time.  Some other stand out performances was Adam Cohen Rose’s iphone powered robot using  face detection to follow people ( kinda cool but scary!) and UK Traffic checker which displayed traffic problems via push notifications and a map.

By far the coolest app  of the day and the deserved winner of best in show was the phone controlled cars and flying drone.  Both these had been fitted with onboard cameras and could be controlled using a Iphone/ Ipad  and was a real crowd pleaser.   The audience oohed and wowed especially at the flying drone which was deftly piloted through some fantastic aerobatic moves. Not content with just that they also built both an android and iphone client which allowed users of the app to buy time to take control of the vehicles using Paypal.  ( Video Below)

Overall an amazing day out and one definitely to add to your annual calendar under the must attend category.  I am now going to download my lobster app and going to pop along to the nearest bus to catch a lift home.

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