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HTC goes for number 1 in their new range of handsets

Over at Mobile World Congress, the announcements have already started to come thick and fast. First from HTC announcing their new range.

HTC have outed the latest direction for their new range of phones.  It seems they have taken a play out of Samsung’s strategy book and gone for the single name and added an extra letter.   I personally am not a fan of this take as I find it really confuses users who are already bamboozled by the sheer number of handsets around.

Beautiful Looks and big Engines

HTC_One_FamilyWhat the new strategy doesn’t disguise is how powerful and beautiful the new range of handsets are. They all come built in with Android’s Ice cream Sandwich version 4 and the latest iteration of HTC Sense User Interface.   This includes the new HTC Camera application with super fast picture times and great performance in low light.  It also lets you take pictures, whilst shooting video!   I can’t wait
Here’s the big 3 phones announced with some extra tips to understand which is best for you:

HTC One X ( aka Extra Large)

•            HTC One X_3v Beautifully crafted polycarbonate unibody – super-lightweight with the ruggedness of metal

•             Powerful 1.5GHz Super 4-PLUS-1™ quad-core processor ( Its a Tegra 3!- which includes the extra battery saving core which runs in the background when the phone is not in use.)

•             Bright and vivid 4.7-inch, 720p HD screen made with Gorilla Glass

Link to HTC Site is here: HTC One X


HTC One S ( A High End  smartphone but a bit smaller! )HTC One S _3v_2color

•             Stylish metal unibody design, only 7.9-mm thick – HTC’s thinnest phone yet

•             Dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor

•             4.3-inch screen with 3-D glass that is protected with Corning™ Gorilla Glass

Link to HTC Site is here: HTC One S


HTC One V ( Even smaller- similar to HTC Legend)

•            HTC One V_3V_Gunmetal Iconic aluminium unibody design

•             Premium audio and image experience with broad market appeal

•             3.7-inch screen with optical lamination for wider viewing angle and reduced reflections

Link to HTC Site is here: HTC One V


These phones are due to hit our shores from APRIL and have Orange, T-mobile, 3 , O2, Virgin and Vodafone listed on the release so they are going to be everywhere.  I personally am starting to save today!

Find out more at HTC.com


  1. Will this smart phone be upgradable to the next OS version Android?

  2. Dont get me wrong im a massive htc fan but what’s the obsession with quadcore processors? Do we really need them? It seems that manufacturers are competing for specs rather than features these days. The Phone industry needs something new. The ice scream sandwhich software looks brillinat though.

  3. I love the One X. I just think it’s an amazing phone. As for the menu part of the HTC phones, they are just briliant. HTC makes Android to look better.

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