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Isobar O2 #CreateLondon Hackathon Day 1

Early morning on a Saturday morning in Shoreditch, London and there was a room full of designers, developers and companies looking to build cool products based on Near Field Communications.. one day on whats happened.

The real magic happens when you add it to your tech’ed up mobile phone and thus connection to your apps, and internet connectivity. Some of the ideas talked about are going completely change the way that people, buy, shop, advertise, discover and connect with each other.

Some of the top experts in NFC  are in the room, from companies like Google, Isobar, Kovio,  o2, Proxama and Blackberry. We also have entrants from all over europe, who have come in just participate in the event and win some of the stunning prizes.

Day 1 Roundup

Most of the first half of the day was taken up by lightning talks from experts to try and help them teams resolve their ideas into something that was commercial and innovative. The standout talks by Google and Proxama illustrating how NFC is already being used by companies like Nike, LG and even Lexus were mind expanding. I really loved the idea about how in Taiwan it is already being used for Taxi bookings, illustrate how juicy the technology is and ripe for adoption.

The Event

The hackathon is being hosted in Shoreditch Studios in London and I have been pleasantly surprised by how well its been organised, clearly a lot of thought and effort has gone into it. From having ample food available the whole time, with treats every few hours. So far we have had our own Ice cream cart parked outside, which gave us a great opportunity to chill out on the o2 deck chairs outside and take a break from coding.
Last night when energy was starting to flag, we were treated to our own private pick and mix sweet trolley that would make old Woolworths blush. Not forgetting the Hoolahooping, with Radiohead and Galaxy tablets as prizes for the well earned winners.

Some of the Ideas

Here is a list of a small selection of the ideas that I thought you might be interested in:
Personalization-LG are using NFC in car to automatically switch phones into car mode and connect to the inbuilt home entertainment system.
Advertising-Already pushed out around London, Clear Channel, Proxama and Isobar have rolled out a network of nfc enabled Bus stops which allow users to find out more about the advert by tapping.
Managing Receipts-In san-francisco, a company has already started piloting electronic receipts via NFC- Love this idea especially as it will be real tree saver.
Loyalty– In Nice, France, the government has partnered with local retailers to build NFC infrastructure for loyalty cards ( aka Carte Magique)
Automated Shopping– Purchase Tickets and NFC handles automated check in to your social networks too.
Sales– Lexus have rolled out the technology in their showrooms in Dubai that let people demo their new car entertainment systems from within the car.

Yes- NFC Bingo is awesome…….. trust me, we are hooked.

Our Team is going to spend the next few hours tidying up our ideas so we are ready for the big presentation at the end of the day.






Thanks to the brilliant efforts of Isobar and o2 we have an amazing event and tools to really explore what NFC can ( and probably will end up doing)

For those of you interested in finding out about future hackathons, join the UK Hackathon and Jams Meetup group

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