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2x Hackathons a coming soon… and UserGrid finally Launching!

Our friends over at API Hackathon have let us know that they will be holding another event as soon as this Sunday where they will be debuting, their new UserGrid… yum!

(Geeky post alert) Since my last few posts about some of the hack days I have attended, I have been inundated with emails asking me to share news about forthcoming events.
In fact we are getting so many requests to publish info on Hackathons that I have set up our own meet up group. You can join up here to keep informed: UK Hackathons and Jams

Learn, Code, Create and now user grid

The next event is coming up this weekend where ApiGee are going to be launching their brand new UserGrid service in London.  Join other developers, entrepreneurs and designers for April Fool’s Sunday hackathon to bring your next best app idea to life in a day. Create or join a team or code solo. API teams will be there for technical guidance, brainstorming and feedback. Learn something new, network and win prizes, Free food and beverages will be served.

Here’s the place to register: http://apihackathonlondon.eventbrite.com/

Here’s how the describe it..

Usergrid is an open source cloud platform for mobile applications, providing user management and social graphs, database services, activity streams, and analytics. We’ll be letting anyone who has signed up for the hackathon into the private beta and we’ll be on-site at the hackathon to answer any questions or help you integrate Usergrid with your app.

High Street Hackathon

Have you ever wanted to find a way to hack the high street- well nows your chance. The Spring Hackathon will be happening on 27 April where 6 small and medium size companies are going to be coming in and challenging teams to build something to revolutionise the high street ( again in 48 hours)

Visit: http://hackathoncentral.com/register/

Why go to a Hackathon?

The reason that I attend them is they are a really great way to have a lot of fun, meet new people, discover some amazing app ideas, have a laugh and also learn and create with lots of different technologies and platforms.

The good news is that there are a tonne of really great android apps ( and on other platforms too) coming out as a result of these events and I can’t wait to share what they have created with you.

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