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Google starts to Drive

Google, the largest provider of cloud services have finally gone and released their own virtual hard drive and its just made your android device even more powerfulGoogle have finally unveiled their new Google Drive product that will revolutionise the way that people interact, collaborate and backup their data for the digital age.

There are already a lot of companies that already provide cloud based storage services to the internet audience, in particular Box.net, dropbox and even Apple’s iCloud. The exciting difference about Google’s proposition, is that it will offer not just access to everyone, it will also allow for a greater degree of collaboration, no matter what platform you are using.

One Drive to Rule them all

There was a lot of hubbub around the centralising of privacy data for all Google Services, but clearly the pain has been worth it. By having one place where we can access everything, makes it simpler and easier for everyone to enjoy. Why can’t I have one place with all my music, my books, and my videos. Why can’t I have one place with my photos business docs and separate for my personal ones. Simplicity and accessible power is the promise of google drive,  and I hope it can deliver.

Drawbacks and Wishlist

You can access all your docs using a web browser

Sadly it looks like Android developers are not yet included in the current api, which means that native support for the service is not going be coming in the short term. potentially this will be something that is built into Android’s next release Jelly Bean. I would love to have a folder on my google drive, where I can save my progress from Angry Birds Space and be able to play it on my laptop, Xoom Tablet, or my phone. That would be amazing!

What I am looking forward to:

You can edit or sync the docs to your pc / mac

One interface for all my docs.
Being able to share anything with anyone easily
Having my content in one place.
Being able to directly collaborate on documents directly from my laptop.
Being able to search anything within the device, including images.

For a great overview about what Google Drive will be able to do, check out the youtube video below:

Visit the Google drive page to be notified when its ready to be rolled out to your account.

Google Drive on your tablet

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  1. Google has been always been the first and will be.

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