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Cadburys Hackathon sweetens Digital Shoreditch.

Cadbury is the sweet sweet sponsor of the #cadburyhack at Google Campus London where the theme is based on the forthcoming Olympics!Cadbury and Digital Shoreditch are the lead sponsors of the latest Google Campus Hackathon here in London.

I have always been a big fan of Cadbury’s chocolate and a massive fan of technology, so when I heard about this hackathon, I was immediately on the signup page. I also added it to my hackathon meet up page( if you like hackathons feel free to sign up here!)

Why Chocolate and Digital ?

For those of you who are wondering the same thing as I was.. why are Cadbury doing digital?
Cadbury’s ethos is all about bringing joy to millions of people. Chocolate is one way that they do it, their funky adverts is another one and they are trying to bring that same experience to Digital and mobile. What a lovely concept!

Enter Joyville! and the Olympics

Cadbury’s latest campaign is about making people play and have fun, which really ties in with the spirit of the olympics, which brings joy and fun to literally billions of people around the world.

It’s a bit out of most ¬†peoples’ reach to be able to take part and play in the olympics however I am hoping with my idea for my mobile app, I will be able get people in the spirit of the olympics. I want to be able to allow people to get into the spirit of optimism with everyone being able to achieve and everyone able to take part. With a few surprises and treats to delight on the way.

Anyway, the other developers are starting their apps and I look forward to learning and finding out new cool things to try over the next 36 hours.

Digital Shoreditch

This event is part of the digital festival that is Digital Shoreditch
Feel free to check out Digital Shoreditch ( some tickets are still available)

You can follow the rest of the event on Twitter: #cadburyhack


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